Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Gnomes vs Orcs Battle Maps

Dwarf campaign map drafted during the Great Orc Raid.

Posted as a preview for a future series of posts on a decisive (for the Gnomes) battle (or skirmish for the Orcs) between the Gnomes and an Orc Regiment. A side show of a larger campaign.

The same territory with some place names translated into modern English. Flags are the banners for three Orc corps.

More later once the History of the Gnomes series is complete.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Civilization VI: Winning at Deity Level

The following is a high level overview on how I was finally able to win at Deity level.  There are a lot of guides online but most of them call for a "death match" on a small map against one opponent.

I used the advanced set up features to restrict the victory conditions to a Domination victory only (must capture all the original capital cities of all civilizations) as the AI's advantages make winning a Science, Culture and Points victory in time almost impossible.  There may be hope to win a Religious victory, as CIV VI has set it up to be won by theological "combat" but I was not interested in pursing this option as the AI advantages at Deity level usually mean that all major religions have been founded by the time a human player has accumulated enough faith.

My first go around I made the mistake of only setting the game for Domination victory, neglecting to scroll further down the Advanced Set Up Menu and un-click the No Term Limit box.

I selected a huge island plates map just for a Steam achievement but I attribute my victory to playing on this map (that and lots of luck). Initially, I thought my starting location was detrimental (see end of post at link above) but it turns out I had an almost island like refuge in an out of the way region.  My closest neighbor was a city state, which was the victim of my first imperialist aggression. 

The screen shot below of the Greek homeland  is from the last turn of the game. Please excuse the radiation and the fact that my capital, Pella does not have a higher population. It seems that the other civilizations will not go down without a fight and Pella and Dion were targeted for multiple nuclear strikes:

More on the next page.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Military Related Manuscripts Available at the National Archives

As a follow up to the Sturmpanzer post which mentioned manuscripts available at the National Archives I decided to use the browse manuscripts feature at the Archives's e-Services portal to gauge the availability of documents of interest to military historians, gamers, etc.

Notes on what I found:

  • I stopped browsing after 2000 line items (browse 100 line items at a time). Not sure how large the database is.
  • I scanned through the entries so probably missed a lot of relevant topics.
  • Any entry starting with a "*" is either a publication or record group that on the surface is not related to military history.  Example are consular reports from Chinese cities or State Department records of internal affairs.  Sometimes the asterix symbol is a note to self, such as references to FBI case files.
  • I added Consular Reports from Chinese cities are there is bound to be information on military operations during the age of colonial outposts in China along with warlords and civil strife in the countryside.
  • I did not include letters to the service academy's superintendents, war criminal trials, and others but mention them here to give an idea of the broad range of record group titles available. 

The list on the next page is not meant to be a resource, just a visual tool to give the reader an idea of the extent of the archives.  It is best to use the links at top to find specific subjects.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019


Sturmpanzer.com was mentioned in the post on the 18th VG Division. Taking its name from the Sturmpanzer (AKA Brummbär), this site is a serious resource, providing a wealth of documentation.

Sturmpanzer is organized into Research and Blog sections along with an online store where one can purchase PDF files on KStN's (tables of equipment and organization), panzer delivery schedules and divisional OOBs.

The Research section contains information on how to find manuscripts in the National Archives and offers some English translations for free (thank you Sturmpanzer for the 18th VG manuscript and the information on ordering other Foreign Military Studies (FMS) manuscripts. The Sturmpanzer Blog provides a wealth of knowledge on equipment, manuals, organization and even some field maps.

This is a good video on how to locate and order FMS manuscripts.

I'm putting up Sturmpanzer as a permanent link from this blog, long before this post is scheduled to appear.

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