Saturday, March 9, 2019

Venezuela: Transición de Guerra de Nervios 9 March

Massive power outages in Venezuela yesterday and it looks like it is ongoing today.

Conflict News Worldwide's feed: @ConflictsW is reporting many states still without power and more ominously retweets a report on a second widespread power outage with 96% of the country without power and two substations on fire.

I hate to speculate but with two substations on fire the chances that this is caused by external actors and not just incompetence and lack of proper maintenance.  Either way, it doesn't matter as this definitely marks a transition from a "War of Nerves" either to overt action or the possibility of an  implosion f the Maduro regime due to an inability to maintain essential services.

I won't call the situation in Venezuela over, or even close to it but at risk of breaking my attempt to be neutral in my blog posts I'm ready to call one loser: the American public.

Or at least the American public that consumes the American press.

As I type this Fox News' web page feature American political stories with most featuring high profile Democrat politicians while CNN's featured articles are on Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 and domestic American news and politics with a racial component.  All this while there are significant events happening in Venezuela.

10 March:

11 March:  this series on the Venezuelan electrical distribution system is excellent.

13 March:  The clown show continues on Fox News' web site.  "Below the fold" on the main page:

Thing is they probably consider themselves a serous news outfit.

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  1. Fastest way to drop a city and cause chaos? KO the power and contaminate - (or even pretend to) - the water supply ... had to do a study once on that :\


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